This is Freeboard.

Freeboard is an endless whiteboard for your plans, notes, discoveries or whatever you dream of.

Start drawing

Everything noteworthy on an infinite canvas.

Where will your dream holiday take place, what kind of house will you build when you grow up... since Freeboard is limitless, not even the sky can limit your dreams.

Make plans, timetables and calendars, fill them with what motivates you and add your goals. Well planned is half done, so let Freeboard get you halfway there!

Create a quick sketch, mockup or design, or explain your ideas. Freeboard is the fastest way to combine text, images and icons into your unique design.

Collect the best ideas for developing your product, new workouts you'd like to try or blogs you want to check out later. No more email lists, let Freeboard do the remembering for you!

Everything but the glitter.

Add images

Upload or add from clipboard, because sometimes words simply cannot capture it all.

Draw a shape

No matter if it's squares, spheres or triangles, no notes are complete without a few shapes.

Jot it down

Write an expressive story, describe your product idea or express yourself through a haiku.